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Publication: OP-ED Oakville Gas Plant Cost MPP Julia Munro, York-Simcoe | Date: Nov 15 2013

Yesterday, Ontario’s Auditor General revealed the true cost of the Liberal government’s cancellation of the Oakville gas-fired power plant: $1.1 Billion. That’s right, $1,100,000,000.00, and it’s paid by your taxes and your electricity bill. It amounts to $150.00 from each Ontarian who is old enough to work, just to pay for this massive boondoggle.

The Liberals went to extraordinary lengths to hide this number from the people of Ontario.
So while Kathleen Wynne assures us that everything has changed under her leadership, we have ample evidence to the contrary.

Liberals remain under investigation by the OPP for their role in hiding the depth of the gas plant scandals. Rightfully so, questions of accountability continue to plague the government. Does this sound familiar? That’s because these scandals and cover-ups are straight from the Dalton McGuinty playbook. Kathleen Wynne co-chaired the campaign that decided to cancel the plants. She signed the document cancelling the Oakville gas plant, but refused to come clean on the cost. While this province suffers under high unemployment, the Liberals continue to put their priorities ahead of the people of this province. When they should be focused on jobs and growth, they have been focused on saving their political skin.

The people of York-Simcoe are fed up with watching taxpayer dollars treated as Liberal Party donations. It reminds me of the Sponsorship Scandal that nearly destroyed the federal Liberal Party a few years ago; there seems to be some cross-pollination or recipe-trading between those teams… The Ontario Liberals have demonstrated a complete lack of judgment in spending taxpayers money over the last ten years. Good government will never be achieved without responsible spending.

The Oakville gas plan cost the people of this province over $1.1 Billion. That’s $1.1 Billion we could have used to improve healthcare. Or $1.1 Billion that could have gone towards ensuring a top-class education system for our children. That $1.1 Billion could have put people back to work, by funding public infrastructure projects in our communities. Instead, it was used to pay for one Liberal seat, in Oakville.  Is this the respect taxpayers deserve?  Of course not.

But over the past ten years, the Liberals have proven that they will always put their party before hard-working families in this province. Even when times are tough, it’s Liberal priorities first…people second. It is estimated that the Liberals have thrown away $5 Billion of your money on their scandals in the last decade. They don’t seem to get the fact that it’s not Monopoly money.  Ontario is a great province. It deserves honest leadership that will put people before politics. That’s why it’s time for a change.