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Publication: MPP Julia Munro | Date: Dec 10 2013

On December 5th, with a heavy heart, I learned of the impending full closure of the auto parts maker, Faurecia, in Bradford. Faurecia is the world’s sixth-largest automotive supplier and has 320 factories worldwide. Faurecia has 550 fulltime employees and 100 temporary employees at its Bradford plant – a significant portion of the local workforce. Faurecia is one of the largest single employers in the area.

Closing factories and ensuing job losses are making news every week, these past few months. Thousands of people are now without jobs or are waiting for their last day of work. The cheer of the Christmas Season will not arrive for some.

I am shocked that this has happened to the people of Bradford. I am angry with the current provincial government for driving up the cost of doing business so much that companies, large and small, are fleeing our province to go to other provinces or countries. The Liberals’ doubling of the cost of electricity alone is enough to snuff some businesses out.   

According to information released by the company yesterday, some employees will be let go as early as February 24, 2014. The company’s news release states, “the plant’s performance has been impacted by several factors including a structurally uncompetitive price disadvantage, rising prices for fuel, steel and other supplies, and other increased costs of business.”

This will impact the local community immensely – 650 families will be hurt by this plant closure. Then, there are the spinoff jobs that will be lost due to this. While the economic effect on Bradford will be felt by all – the impact on families is devastating. I will be working with Mayor Doug White to help the people of Bradford and the surrounding area to weather this storm. Bradford is a strong, resilient community so I have faith they will pull through.

The Liberal government’s shortsighted policies are killing Ontario’s economy. This government is driving up the costs of doing business. Faurecia may be a casualty of this government’s policies.

After the thousands of job losses this year alone, it is clear we have a crisis. Now, we are seeing successive closures impacting each other – the domino-effect is beginning. This government is running us into the ground.